Those pupils promoted from UKG may seek admission to CL.I. of Mary Immaculate School Berhampore but this section of the school does not guarantee admission to CL.I, since it is based purely on merit. Students should obtain 40% marked in all the subject for promotion.

Parents who seek admission of their children (Transfer cases only) for Classes I. to VII are requested to submit a written application along with the Progress Report of the child.

Parents/Guardians are asked to fill in the admission forms with the utmost accuracy. No subsequent changes will be permitted. No new admission will be taken in Classes VIII, IX, X, XII.

A candidate who has attended another school cannot be admitted without a transfer certificate from the school he/she last attended. In the case of such Transfer cases it is imperative that the candidate should have studied previously in an English Medium School. Applications of those coming from any school other than an English Medium School will not be entertained. Christian student must also produce a Baptism certificate.

They will be examined in the matter of class immediately below that to which they seek admission. They are required to undergo a written examination in the following subjects.

       Class I to Class IV — English and Maths.

       Class V to Class VII — English, Maths & Science.

Candidates must be introduced to the Principal personally by the one who will be responsible for their conduct and payment of fees.

Admission to ISC (Science Stream only) of Mary Immaculate School requires 80% of marks in Science in the ICSE Examinations. Students of other ICSE Schools (girls only) can apply for admission.